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Nikola Dujmović is one of Span’s founders and the company’s CEO since the beginning. An engineer by trade, he sees the possibilities for improvement and growth in everything he does, with a rare talent to recognize or anticipate coming global tech trends. Nikola’s business philosophy is clear – trust in what you do and follow the social productivity concept. Pay it forward and try to give to the community more than you’ve received from it. From the start, Nikola saw the importance of investing in people and their skills. That’s why today Span’s employees have a chance to expand their knowledge working with state-of-the-art tech, using that knowledge to efficiently solve their clients’ business challenges. Nikola is also responsible for Span’s expansion far beyond Croatian borders and he was the force behind Span’s partnership with Microsoft, making us the company’s leading partner in the region. Everything from Design and Development of strategically important projects, Corporate security, Quality and compliance to legal matters and Office administration falls under Nikola’s direct jurisdiction. Thanks to his efforts and vision, Span is today one of the leading Croatian IT companies and one of the top Croatian exporters of software and services.

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